Rehearsed Reading of New Plays by Aidan O'Keefe and Mary Angland

Venue: The Daily Grind, O'Brien Street
Town: Kanturk
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Phone: 087 907 4992

Rehearsed Reading of New Plays by Aidan O'Keefe and Mary Angland


Part One of The Ceann Toirc Trilogy: The Mill Road Letters by Aidan O’Keefe

Denis got his teenage kicks devouring “Born To Run”, “Raging Bull” and “On The Road”. In 1988, as soon as he turned twenty, he left Kanturk for New York. His brother Jimmy also listened to Springsteen, watched De Niro and read Kerouac. In 1988 he dropped Denis to the airport; then went training with the Kanturk junior hurlers. Denis felt a need to leave a thumb-print somewhere on the world. Jimmy needed to keep his place in the parish team. Two brothers with different hopes and dreams, sharing a love of letter-writing. These are their documents: “The Mill Road Letters”.


The Mother by Mary Angland

An elderly woman gets an unexpected shock at midnight when she discovers that her
car tax has expired. So there’s nothing for it but go online to solve the problem. After all, if Sergeant Kelleher catches her he’ll use it as an excuse to put her off the road for good, and she’ll be shamed in front of the neighbours when she ends up in court. Her online excursion does not go according to plan, however, and necessitates her ringing her daughter to see if she can help out. What follows is the longest twenty minutes in the daughter’s life!