25 frames

Venue: Clongibbon House Hotel, The Square
Town: Mitchelstown
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Phone: 0868139019


25 FRAMES – a documentary film made by young people, for young people and the wider community.
Cork Young Filmmakers / Cork Film Centre partnered with CDYS Mitchelstown to run a project with young people (age 14 to 19) in the Forrest Hall Community Centre during the summer of 2018.
The aim of the project was to provide young people with the opportunity to further develop their filmmaking skills and produce a documentary about their community and what it is like to live there.
The young people made the documentary film, carried out themed structured interviews with a range of people who live in their community, developing a broad range of filmmaking skills, and learning fundamental communication skills.
Filmmakers from Cork Film Centre mentored the young filmmakers, teaching the necessary documentary skills, and providing equipment throughout.
The project not only provided access to the arts locally, creating an opportunity for marginalised young people, to be heard. In addition, it involved the greater community in a coming together to share their stories, experiences, and vision for the future.
25 Frames was made with grant aid under the Municipal District (Fermoy / Mitchelstown) Creative Communities Awards.