County Hall

Lisa O'Neill

Venue: Vertigo, County Hall,
Town: County Hall
Time: 9:00pm - 10:00pm

Phone: 021 4285000 ext 6971
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Age: 16+
Booking Required: Yes -


Cavan singer Lisa O’Neill brings her intimate show to Cork Culture Night following the release of her critically acclaimed 4th studio album ‘Heard a Long Gone Song’

“She is a true Artist -totally uncompromising with an almost naive attitude to what she does, which makes for some of the purest music I’ve heard.” –Kevin Rowland, Dexys. 

Lisa has recently been nominated for the BBC2 Folk awards in an unprecedented 4 categories – best folk singer of the year, best album of the year, best traditional song of the year and best original song of the year. 

The album is a distillation of many conceits; folk, with a punk sensibility, poetry, tradition, and history -a story of living. A story of broken dreams and hidden desires, of hope and curiosity. There is a thread throughout the record suggesting that we should use anger constructively, that we should never forget, and never be complacent. Adrienne Rich wrote: “Poetry isn’t revolution, but a way of knowing why it must come”, O’Neill’s brilliant new work is accordingly, a fitting testament to that, and her best record to date. Her distinctive vocal remains her most potent and mysterious gift, containing a remarkable power, harnessing her native Co. Cavan, and various great artists that have gone before. While Margaret Barry comes to mind, so too, does the influence of artists like Kevin Rowland, and Andy Irvine, all singular links in the tapestry of a tradition – Siobhan Kane