Turf lights the way!

Venue: THE LANE KISKEAM, Kiskeam Village
Town: Kiskeam
Time: 10:00pm - 10:30pm



For many years the old Kiskeam Brass Band rehearsed by marching through the village using pitchforks with lit sods of turf to show the way. The new band will recreate this scene and hope to stir memories of the past!


The first Kiskeam fife and drum band was formed in 1880. This band played at local race meetings and at all the Land League assemblies and was led by Young John Casey on a saddled horse. In 1895 a gifted musician named Tim Kiely came to Kiskeam to set up business as a shoemaker. He had been a member of the famous Millstreet Brass Band and had been trained by Herr Jacobwich, a famous German bandmaster. Over a number of years, it changed from a fife and drum band to a fully-fledged brass band. During the war of Independence, they marched behind the Thomas Ashe flag. The Kiskeam Brass Band was reestablished in 2016 for the 1916 centenary celebrations. On culture night the band will enact a previously common scene whereby the band used to practice whilst marching through the village using the light from burning sods of turf, held by pitchforks.

Kiskeam Brass Band is a community organisation. We rehearse Tuesdays nights in the community centre. Youth band 8-8.30. Senior band 8.30 til 10. New members are very welcome. Tutor: Mr Paddy Moore.