Carrigaline Pottery Commemorative Sculpture Unveiling

Venue: Owenabue Carpark, Parklet Area
Town: Carrigaline
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Phone: 0877817857
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Booking Required: No


Launch of a Sculpture to commemorate Carrigaline Pottery. Carrigaline for many decades was well known for it’s Pottery. The pottery was an unique Industry started by Hoddie (Hodder) Roberts in 1928. It’s products would bear the marks Carrigaline Pottery or Carrig Ware. For much of of the mid 20th century, the pottery was the main source of employment in Carrigaline which employed over 200 people. The pottery production closed in 1979. A sculpture to commemorate this industry which was commissioned by Carrigaline Tidytowns and supported by Cork County Council, will be unveiled on Culture night. The sculpture was created by local visual artist Mick Wilkins.