Pauline Walsh Exhibition

Venue: The Hill Gallery, 45 McCurtain Hill
Town: Clonakilty
Time: 1:00pm - 9:00pm

Phone: 0874673336
Wheelchair Accessible: No
Booking Required: Please call 0874673336


Exhibition of work by Pauline Walsh in her studio gallery. Pauline Walsh is a landscape artist from Skerries, Co. Dublin, now living in West Cork. During her time in Dublin Pauline worked for Don Bluth Studios and worked on the classic movies ‘Land before Time’, ‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’ and its sequel ‘All Dogs II’. Pauline’s work, while nature based, tends to include bodies of watr from large seascapes to vast icebergs – strewn vistas. Living close to the beautiful woodlands of West Cork has inspired Pauline to create paintings that give a sense of being immersed in those forests. She paints using oil on canvas, building up textures to create this feeling of depth. Pauline has exhibited througout Ireland, her work is widely collected and commissioned both privately and commercially and is included in the following collections: Hennessy, Roxy New York, Jeremy Irons and the Department of the Marine.