It will come as no surprise that, as a consequence of COVID -19, this year’s Culture Night will be quite unlike any other.   Propelled by the enthusiasm of artists and cultural organizations, the initiative has captured the public imagination, with some 400,000 people visiting museums, galleries, historic houses, artists’ studios and cultural centres across Ireland since 2006. The COVID pandemic has had enormous social, cultural and economic impact and has severely affected the entire arts and cultural sector.  We are also seeing how, in this crisis, the arts sector has been able to react positively and to connect with people in new ways and formats.

It is in this context that we are asking artists cultural organisations to think about how Culture Night 2020 can be re-imagined to continue to celebrate those great qualities of imagination, passion, creativity and energy in the radically changed environment in which we now find ourselves.

Getting involved

Culture Night’s success relies on the part played by artists and arts groups.  The objective of Culture night is to showcase and celebrate culture and creativity in all its forms, and every event programmed forms part of this fantastic evening of acitivity.  All events must be free of charge. This year, however, additional requirements regarding public safety must be taken into account when planning your event and organizers must ensure that any activities involving members of the public must comply with COVID 19 social distancing protocols.  Alternatively, you may wish to create an online event for Culture Night.  This can be done as an actual live event or may be prerecorded and issued as a live event over the course of the evening.

Registering your event

Once you decide on the format for your event, complete the online event information form. The closing date for event information is Friday July 3rd.  While outline information needs to be submitted by that date you do not need to have all details finalized.


While most events will be self financing, the Arts Office may be able to provide some funding on a case by case basis. If you are seeking funding for your event, please outline the reasons for the request and provide this when submitting the event registration form. Our funds are limited and we will prioritise the payment of any professional artists who may be involved, in line with Arts Council policies on payment of artists

For those who are planning an event that will promote the Irish language, outside of the Gaeltacht areas, a limited amount of funding is available from An tOireachtas. Further information is available at or by emailing


Co-ordination  and promotion support for Culture Night is provided by Cork County Council’s Arts Office, which will be working to help all participating organisations involved in this year’s event.  We are here to help and will provide a targeted PR campaign to ensure public awareness of events at a local, regional and national level as well as marketing support through, and digital media.

For more information on these events or events happening around the county, please contact:

Cork County Council Arts Office
Tel: 021 434 6210